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May 6, 2016 – Streetsboro Parks & recreation Mom Prom

I had to opportunity to DJ for Streetsboro Parks & Recreation Mom Prom 2016. This years Mom Prom was held at St. Joan of Arc in Streetsboro, Ohio and offered fun decorations and a pirate theme.  About 50 guests made it out to participate in this dressed to impress evening. We offered games, prizes and great music to keep the boys and Mom occupied.

Acitivty #1 for the Boys – Freeze Dance Song: Shut Up and Dance With Me (remix)

Activity #2 for the Boys – Survivor (Scavenger Hunt Style)

Slow Dance – Perfect Fan – Backstreet Boys

Activity #3 Cha Cha Slide – Boys and Moms

Activity #4 – Boys Limbo

Activity #5 – Hula Hoop (Boys)

Slow Dance – My Girl – Temptations (Dedicated to the Moms from the Sons)

Activity #6 – Shout into YMCA Mix Boys and Moms

Activity #7 – Cupid Shuffle

Acitivity #8 – Musical Chairs

Slow Dance – My Wish – Rascal Flatts

Activity #9 – Human Tic Tac Toe

I was able to keep the Mom’s happy and the boys entertained for this short 2.5 hour dance

Here is a picture of the sytem I setup for this small event

Streetsboro DJ

The cute cake for dessert

mom prom cake idea

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